Number 4 Numerology Characteristics and Lucky Things

Ruling Planet



Selfish and Unconventional


Suspecting and Rebellious

Lucky Colours

All half shades, electric Blue, Maroon, Grey and Golden

Lucky Days

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Lucky Stones

Light or Dark Sapphire and other stones and substitutes of these colours

Harmony Numbers

1,2,4 7

In numerology Number 4 is governed by Uranus also known as head of dragon. Uranus is always retrograde means it moves in anti clock direction. 

Numerology number 4 persons are quite active, powerful, dynamic, unpredictable, practical, hardworking, gentle and passionate. Their nature is very bold & straightforward. They have a practical attitude towards life. They are the most truthful people on this earth, where people can really trust them. They like to behave within their ethics of life. They receive recognition and reward in the later part of life. 

This number shows struggle and fight for everything. Number 4 persons can lose their temperament easily. Sometimes their nature is critical and doubtful and they have problems in relationships. They make a bitter enemy that is why sometimes they are lonely and isolate.

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