Number 3 Numerology Characteristics and Lucky Things

Ruling Planet



Purposeful and Fair to All


Optimistic and Opportunist

Lucky Colours

Violet, Mauve, Purple and all shades of Blue

Lucky Days

Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday

Lucky Stones

Amethyst and other stones and substitutes of same colour

Harmony Numbers


Number 3 is governed by the planet Jupiter in Numerology. Jupiter is the biggest planet among all and is known as the planet of wisdom and knowledge in Astrology. In Astrology, Jupiter is very important planet and it can take you to new heights. 

Numerology number 3 people are individualistic, ambitious, optimistic, dynamic, creative and fair in judgement. They are highly confident and never satisfied by being in a subordinate position as their aim is to rise in the world. 

Number 3 persons are born lucky and get rich in life at an early age. They have quality of creativity, justice, humanity and have a dynamic personality. They can give new meanings to old values. 

Often seen that number 3 persons are selfish and shot tampered. Sometimes they are overconfident. Number 3 people can also develop habits of arguing for anything to everyone. They can also be egoistic and restless. 


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