Number 5 Numerology Characteristics and Lucky Things

Ruling Planet



Active and Restless


Childlike and Playful

Lucky Colours

All shades of Green, White, Light Brown and Grey

Lucky Days

Wednesday and Friday

Lucky Stones

Diamond, Gold, Silver and all shining things and other substitutes of these colours

Harmony Numbers


Number 5 stands in the symbolism of Numerology to mercury. Mercury is the smallest and fast spin planet of the solar system. In Astrology and Numerology Mercury is considered the planet of mixed temperament and dual nature. It is related to respiratory and nervous system.

Numerology Number 5 persons are friendly in nature, quick decision maker, born speculator, creative, flexible and adaptive. They make friends easily and are fabulous company. They are born gamblers and earn money from various sources. They are intelligent, innovative, gentle and elevated thinker whose mind is always happy and make their surrounding happy. They love kids and make their family at first place.

Number 5 persons are intellectual and fast thinkers. They are adaptive by nature and adjust in all types of environments. They are versatile in nature and cannot do one thing for long.

Number 5 persons have lack of judgement power. They often want to dominant their friends and people around them. They are too talkative and restless persons and they can easily become irritable and get tempered.

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