Number 8 Numerology Characteristics and Luck Things

Ruling Planet



Inert and Seeking


Sober and Mature

Lucky Colours

Dark Grey, Black, Dark Blue and Purple

Lucky Days

Saturday, Sunday Monday

Lucky Stones

Amethyst, Dark Colour Sapphire, Black Diamond and other substitutes of these colours

Harmony Numbers


Number 8 is governed by the planet Saturn in Numerology. Saturn is the fastest planet in our solar system. Saturn is the ruling planet of the Jewish race that has lived always at the hand of destiny and fate. 

Numerology number 8 persons are confident, determined and mysterious. They are introvert and reserved but inside they are a warm and caring person. They are ambitious and often successful in public eyes. They love their family and truly devoted to them. 

Number 8 persons have impressive personality, strong presence and they believe in their own goodness. Number 8 persons achieve either great success or failures. Number 8 persons tend to become addicted, suffer loneliness and isolation.


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