Have you been running from one insurance office to another to submit an address change request? Misplaced your policy document? Holding a lapsed insurance policy as your agent failed to remind you of premium payment date? Has a kin left no information about the insurance covers that he held?


Now, your Insurance Agent has gone digitalYou can buy insurance from home without spending hours at an agent's office. All communication happens via emails or SMS, which are faster and more reliable than courier or post. Payment process is also like any other ecommerce transaction. So, it is quick and convenient for a tech-savvy buyer.


What more in the online insurance?


Convenience: The online offerings allow customers to get insurance at the convenience and privacy of their home. You can visit the official website and provide your complete details and make online payment to buy the policy.

Instant & Secure: This is one of the fastest and most secured way to get your insurance product. You can anytime visit the website i.e 24×7, from anywhere in the world and get the insurance policy.

Cost Effective: With competition growing intense, insurance companies are creating their space online by offering cheaper premium than offline policies. This is because online policy purchase transactions happen between insurer and customer which reduces the agent’s commission and paperwork cost. Companies pass this benefit directly to customers resulting in cheaper premiums.

Comparison: Online details allow you to get all the information about the available insurance plans.

Online Insurance Claims: Companies also allow their online customers to make their insurance claims online. This is one of the most useful and convenient processes, which allows customers to get their claim money easily.

Saves You From Fraud: You directly visit the official website, to check the available online plans and buy the same from online portal. This not only reduces cost but also reduce the chances of fraud, which usually happens in case of buying insurance products from insurance agents.
HDFC Life , click to Insure has taken a lot of steps in online insurance to make the purchase process simpler and safe, while giving you the best plan that suits your needs.

Must check the below TVC –

When, I came across HDFC Life , click to Insure website, which is out with answers to all your questions regarding insurance. They have an online insurance calculator and insurance premium calculator to help you with your decision. I was rather shocked when I used the Insurance Premium Calculator and found the premium. One can get 1 crore life insurance cover for his/her family, which costs only Rs 18/Day. And not only that, HDFC Life has a wide range of plans, one can easily go through a large number of plans online that would otherwise be impossible to go through offline.  Then there is the assisted buying facility which could be via call, chat or even co-browsing. Their support extends beyond purchase. From policy trackers to policy serving- paying premiums, making a claim – All are available online. All the online tools and services, combined with the HDFC customer support, help you take an informed and an accurate decision.

I am sure after reading this blog, most of you might be saying Online, since it is faster, simple and does not make you visit an insurance office every now and then. I would be delighted if you share your experience after visiting the webpage of  HDFC Life , click to Insure and if you have further suggestions or information in this respect.

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