As I recollect from past, I have fond memories of how I often told my parent what I wished to become when I would grow up. Over the years I was inspired by many real and reel heroes, and, in the process, my aspirations could never remain the same. Being a professional now, I realize how difficult it would have been for the parent to understand their children’s goal and guide them to achieve the same, without any hassle. Certainly, I am inclined to do the homework before I face the difficulty myself.
Opportunities are not confined these days and hence children may wish to explore new professions and possibilities. While the parent may be surprised by their choice, children would still expect their parent to provide the adequate support and guidance. It is but for certain that a parent should be prepared for the change. With rising costs in education, how much should we save to make sure they realize their dreams?
How to plan for a child’s future?

For such inevitable future expectation, parent is required to literally, take baby steps. While doing the same exercise myself, I came across #DoYourHomework campaign by Axis Mutual Fund, which is out with answers to all your questions regarding education planning.
I was rather shocked when I used the calculator and found that educational expenses would easily shot up any savings done in traditional fashion. I was even more amazed by the video that none of the parent could contemplate their children’s professional choice.
The information provided on #DoYourHomework website, leaves me with fewer doubts and in fact helps me understand the future needs and encouraged me to work towards fulfilling them in present. If anything that doesn’t change with time, I believe, is a concerned parent and campaigns like these provide a fair guidance to parent and prepares them well for their child’s future.
The #DoYourHomework campaign is an ideal mechanism which helps the parent to do their homework. Interestingly, the platform can predict a ball park cost involved in the professional education in several countries. In fact, the campaign also provides for viable and easy solution to meet with the financial requirement, which I believe is quite impressive.
While it is most important to understand one’s child’s passion and goal, it is equally important the same commitment is provided when the child is ready to take the plunge into his/her ultimate career planning. This assurance will never fail, if the parent has done their homework well in advance.
I would be delighted if you share your experience after visiting the webpage of #DoYourHomework campaign and if you have further suggestions or information in this respect.

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