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In the chart of MCX copper important technical levels are 

442.40, 432.50, 419.90, 410.00

Presently trading in the range of 

432.50 - 419.90

If it sustains below 432.50 level than strategy should be sell in rise and at the same time, if it breaches the 419.90 level than also continue the same strategy as more confirm downside.

If it sustains above 419.90 level than strategy should be buy in dips and at the same time, if it breaches the 432.50 level than also continue the same strategy as more confirm upside.

Very strong support seen on charts near 410 level. 
The cluster of  10 EMA, 20 EMA, 50 EMA 
is also on chart near this level.

Very strong resistance seen on charts near 442.40 level

It is expected that if it will break the strong level either 410.00 or 442.40 than it will not touch the opposite level within next 23 days. It means, if it breaches the 442.40 level than  it will not touch the 410 level within given time frame or vice versa.


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