Number 9 Numerology Characteristics and Lucky Things

Ruling Planet





Aggressive and Fiery

Lucky Colours

Red, Pink, Yellow, Crimson and Orange

Lucky Days

Tuesday and Friday

Lucky Stones

Garnet and other substitutes of same colours

Harmony Numbers


In numerology, the number 9 is governed by the planet Mars and in astrology Mars is known as commander in chief and dressed as a worrier. Mars is the universal symbol of masculinity. 

Numerology number 9 represents strong sense of purpose, self-confidence, discipline, bravery and courage. Mars is the planet of energy thus Number 9 persons have lots of energy and consume this in positive side. 

Number 9 persons are hardworking and determined. They are independent and desire to be their own master. They are disciplined, dominant and have intense energy. They love their family and sacrifice all for them. 

Mars is the planet of heat and fair thus it makes them aggressive and restless. If the Mars is negative they could become egoistic, selfish, short tempered, rebellious and can harm to anyone without any thought. 

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