Number 7 Numerology Characteristics and Lucky Things

Ruling Planet



Active and Searching


Spiritual and Occultist

Lucky Colours

All shades of Green, Yellow, White and Cream

Lucky Days

Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

Lucky Stones

Pearl, Moonstone and other substitutes of these colours

Harmony Numbers

1,2,4 7

Number 7 is governed by Neptune in Numerology. Neptune is a highly spiritual planet and takes you towards Moksha and so is Number 7, that is considered as a highly spiritual number in Numerology.

Number 7 persons have the same qualities of number 2 as they are good speaker, very independent, creative, imaginative, original and have a strong personality. They care little about material things and have their own ideas.

Number 7 persons are secretive in nature because they look quiet but what is going on inside is difficult to understand. They have a strong personality that stands out as exceptionally individualistic. They are generally less talkative but when required they speak well.

They are noble, romantic, social, spiritual and religious soul. They love nature, travel and reading. Number 7 people are easily influenced by others. They are sometimes restless, indecisive, moody and revolutionary.


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