Number 6 Numerology Characteristics and Lucky Things

Ruling Planet



Romantic and Active


Seductive and Flirtatious

Lucky Colours

All shades of Blue, All shades of Rose, Pink and White

Lucky Days

Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday

Lucky Stones

Turquoise, Emeralds and substitutes of these colours

Harmony Numbers


In Numerology number 6 is governed by the planet Venus. Venus is the morning star and the most radiant planet. Venus is the symbol of goodness of love, beauty, peace and harmony. It presides over the sensuous side of human nature. Venus also governs emotions, aesthetics and the appreciation of all beautiful things. 

Numerology number 6 represents love, romance, passion, emotions, creativity, attractiveness and sensitivity. They are very romantic and they love the beauty that is why they are born artist and art attract them all the time. They are magnetic, gentle, soft spoken, intelligent, compassionate and they easily attract to the opposite sex. Any discard and disagreement makes them uncomfortable as their nature is very loving. 

They have a commanding personality and by age of 40 most of their dreams and desires come true. Number 6 people are sometimes lazy and show lack of energy. Sometimes they become too emotional and possessive. They are argumentative and can easily become addict of anything.

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